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Dr. Shakila Banu

MBBS, MSc in Epidemiology (UK),

MBBS, MSc in Epidemiology (UK),

Training Physician,

Technical Training Unit,

Email me: shakila@icddrb.org

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Dr. Shakila Banu has a strong background in Medicine and Epidemiology with training in Paediatrics demonstrated with over 24 years of experience. Her experiences have been in the field of child psychosocial development, nosocomial surveillance, influenza surveillance, follow up of long term Nipah, Japanese encephalitis studies, reproductive health, maternal, newborn and child health programs.


Dr. Banu is an Australian Leadership Award Fellow and DFID scholar.


Dr. Banu has a strong background of conducting Bio-ethics and Implementation Research training. She is the coordinator of Student Services of Technical Training Unit, an Adjunct Faculty of James P Grant School of Public Health