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Dr. Aftab Uddin

MBBS, MPhill (PSM), MMedEd (Dundee),

MBBS, MPhill (PSM), MMedEd (Dundee),

Senior Manager,

Technical Training Unit,

Email me: aftab@icddrb.org

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Dr. Aftab Uddin is a medical graduate trained in public health and medical education having experience with NGOs (both domestic and international), UN Agencies like World Health Organization, and the Ministry of Health of the Government of Bangladesh, of over 30 years.


Dr. Uddin provided technical assistance to develop more than 35 curricula related to public health, family planning, reproductive health, RTI/STD and HIV/AIDS, violence against women, child health, nutrition, water and sanitation, communication, management and supportive supervision, and undergraduate medical education. Dr. Uddin also reviewed and updated national undergraduate medical curricula and curricula for medical technologists. Working as faculty in medical colleges and postgraduate institute developed skills in applying adult learning principles and methods, he taught Community Medicine/public health topics to both undergraduate and postgraduate medical students; delivered more than 200 lectures, organized and facilitated more than 200 small group sessions, and provided technical, managerial and administrative support to plan, implement, and evaluate 50 field site training programs.


Since 2006, apart from leading the TTU functions and guiding the team members, he has developed a cumulative network of more than 60 universities/institutes and trained over 50 thousand people globally with training foot-print spread over all five continents. His current interest includes development of health human resources through using technology and innovative approaches including e-Learning/Distance Learning, teaching and conducting implementation research. Also, as an Adjunct Faculty and co-lead of WHO-TDR program, he teaches IR skills among MPH graduates of JPG School of Public Health-cofounded by BRAC and icddr,b.